In today's world accessing information is easier than ever with the development of the internet. We have access to online dictionaries, encyclopedies, library catalogues, media organizations and many other sources of information. We can read our favourite columnists as we sip our coffee in the morning. Scientists can use the online catalogue of a library located at the other side of the world. We can also read the reports published by important think-tank organizations.

To what extent do we use these sources?

To what extent do we know our literature and our history?

What do we do in order to improve our general knowledge?

Do we make use of our time well?

How many books do we read on average a year?

How many foreign languages do we speak?

What kind of contributions have we made to science in our fields?

We should all be asking these questions to ourselves. The most important thing we have in our lives is our time. Nothing can bring back lost time. As being a part of Kemalist youth, with the aim of raising our country beyond the level of contemporary civilizations, we think that we should be making better use of our time. Getting information from reliable sources, reading books, making scientific research and therefore making a contribution to science play a very important role on the way to achieve our goals. The value of books has decreased substantially due to the popularity of television programs, computer games and social media platforms. In order to change this, within the scope of the Enlightenment Project, we provide you prominent books that worth to be read in many categories. We have taken recommendations from numerous academicians in each field to create the book lists. We invite everyone to join the Enlightenment Project. This project belongs to all of us and we should spread it as much as we can. Please let your friends know about the project and inform us about the books you want to be added to this project.


Geography & Geology categories will be updated.

List of contributors will be added.

History by country list will be updated.

Important Note: The categories archaeology, architecture, geology, geography, history and literature depend from country to country and region to region. History by country list has been added and will be updated regularly but only most recommended books in other categories are included without any subgrouping. The main reason is that there are numerous books written in these categories in different languages, especially in literature, that have not been translated to English yet. It is not possible to translate some languages word-by-word to English. Therefore, the original text looses it is meaning after the translation. Consequently, except history, creating subcategories by country is not in the scope of this project.